Sugah and Diva and christa (sugahbaybee) wrote in silent_december,
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my poetry

i feel like i've been dropped
like i've been punshed out of a window
"oops she broke,oh well,she's replacable"
i've been replaced,erased,forgotten and ignored

i've got no where to go now,lord
they've stopped loving me,they told me so themselves
"we don't love you anymore bianca" they stuck me on a shelf
to be forgotten and grow old alone and cold with noone to talk to but
the padding on my walls and jacket around me so i can't move my arms

so i can't grab that whole bottle of advil and swallow it all at once
so i can't take that knife and plung it in my heart
so i can't jump off the roof when i'm falling apart

mom says its my fault,and its not michaela
she says i'm paranoid and i'm trying to blame her
she says"micky's just six and you're a teenager"
does she seriously believe that won't still hate her?

michaela's not my sister,i don't have to love her
she's got her own family,3 sisters and a brother
but i've only got one family
michaela's taking it away

my family is overidden with hate
mom doesn't love me
"if you were my real mom then you'd care"

"maybe i'm not your mom"
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