luna_bear8 (luna_bear8) wrote in silent_december,

Disconnected Injustice

I love the way your heart longs for justice and renewal and yet your here again on your knees. I love that no woman can satisfy you with material value and easy vices. Can you surrender and believe that I care for you? Yes, you I love you and understand when your down on your knees again. Here you are again your right where I want you to be. Please see and believe that I care for you. But no were too much alike is this right? Too much alike to appreciate what each other says and thinks? Perhaps, but who said visions had to make sense? Who said they have to understand you my dear? In the last life you were so close to me you damn near nearly died right along side me, I understand you dear, now rest and be still I will come for you my last days. Now it all will depend on is soon we shall see my dear.
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