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my newest little story

Oops Baby...
a renraw sidefic( a short short sidefic)
by:Bianca "Sugah Demon" Brown

Casumi faced Serena with a look of worry on her face.
"We'll you've got to tell him"Casumi said.
Neon agreed with Casumi" Serena,break it to Will gently"
August 7 2011
"Will..."Serena called to her husband from the bed.
"Yeah....?"Will yelled from the adjoining bathroom."What?"he said,entering the bedroom still shaving his face.
"Well.."Serena tried to find the right words"I have a friend.."
"What about him?"Will asked still shaving
"My friend wants to come and meet you and I told him...that he could.."Serena started to smile.
"When is he coming?"
"In about 8 and a half months"Serena grinned.
"Eight and a ha....SHIT!!!"Will cut himself shaving.Serena crawled over to him"Baby are you okay?"She asked kissing Will's cut cheek.
"Yeah I'm fine...a baby..a baby..I can't believe it,"Will smiled" I'm a daddy,you're a daddy!!!!! WE'RE A DADDY!!!!!!"Will opened the window of their apartment"I'm having a baby!!!!"he yelled.
"Go get a job ya bum!" shouted the woman on the floor below them.
"William,geez settle down"Serena hugged William." know what this means don't you?"she asked,suddenly realizing something.
"You're going to get really fat and go buy lots of new clothes"William guessed.
"Yeah that too but...hey!"Serena hit William with a pillow"i'm not gonna get that fat!!"
"Well then what else are you talking about?"William queried.
"We can't have sex for almost 9 months!!"Serena shouted.
"Noooooo!"William cried"This is so unfair!"he sobbed.

December 16 2011
William woke up in the middle of the night to find that he was thirsty,he got up out of bed."AAAAAHHH"he screamed realizing that he had a humungous stomach."Serena wake up!I'm pregnant."

"Well it appears that uranium in your water supply has allowed you somehow to get pregnant,for a man it appears that the baby will be due tommorow"the doctor said to William and Serena
"Damn thats fast"Serena mumbled."William,are you going to breast feed?"she asked grinning.
"I'll bet i'm the only pregnant man alive"William sobbed.
"No"the doctor said"A man is coming out of the delivery room in a minute,he just had a baby",just as a man was being wheeled over on a cart towards them"Here is Mr.Calde"the doctor announced.
"Um..Mr.Calde,how did it feel to have a baby?"William asked nervously.
"Oh it was wonderful to have known that I brought another life into this world.And when they placed him on my chest and I looked into that innocent little face I almost cried."Mr.Calde said.
"Yeah but.."William said"Did it hurt?".
Mr.Calde did a personality switch."OF COURSE IT HURT!!! DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING!!?! I DIDN'T KNOW PAIN LIKE THAT EXISTED!!!!!!AND WHEN I THINK OF WHERE THAT BABY CAME OUT OF!!!!!!AAAHH!!!!!!!!"Mr.Calde was being wheeled away.

"AHHH"William woke up in a cold sweat.He looked at his stomach.It was only a dream.He woke Serena up"I'm glad you're the woman and I'm the man"he told her.
"Me too sweetie"
April 23 2012

"William.."Serena said around 2am
"Huh..?"William asked sleepily.
"Its..time"Serena said.

at the hospital:
"How far apart are the contractions?"the docter asked William
"About 6 minutes"Will responded.
"Lets get her into a room"

Serena was in labor,William watched her,he sensed she was in pain.
He reached for her hand.
"Don't touch me!"Serena said"We are never sleeping in the same bed again!"
"What? Whats wrong?"William asked.
"I am going through labor and you dare ask me whats wrong?!"Serena yelled."Get out!"
William left the room,and sat down in the waiting room just as Casumi,her husband Kenya,Olle-ana and Jonathon,came in.
"Yo! Why ain't you in there with your woman?"Kenya asked.
"She doesn't want me there"William replied sadly
"Dude she kicked you out? Thats tough!"Jonathon said.
"Oh we better get in there"Olle-ana said,and she dragged Casumi with her into the delivery room.

William was still looking sad."Don't feel bad,alot of worse things have happened in the delivery room"Kenya said"When Casumi was having Terrence she yelled out to all the doctors and nurses that I slept with a pink fuzzy teddy bear until I was 16!"
"Yeah"joined in Jonathon"When Olleana had Peipa she threatened to cut off know"

Serena was screaming in pain.
"I can see its head"the nurse told her.
Another nurse walked past the door,Serena stopped screaming long enough to ask for a cookie."Sorry,no food until after you deliver"the nurse said.
Serena yelled again" Take it out take it out!"
"Its a boy!"the doctor yelled triumphantly.
"Sir"a nurse said quietly to Will"Your wife just delivered"
"What is it?"William asked.'
"Its a boy-"
"...and a girl"

epilouge :
so Serena and William named the children Allison and Victor.
~*~*the end*~*~

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